Backlit / 2

Table of Contents

02: Introductions / Joshua Haun & Brandon Duncan

03: Raping Angels in America #3 / Joshua Haun
04: Fear and Loathing...In Hollywood / Dave Schalek
05: That's When I Became A Metalhead - Gene Hoglan / Kyle Harcott
06: The Rise and Call of the Mastodon / Dean Brown
07: The Rains of Resurrection / Ian Chainey
08: Live (Before) Death / Craig Hayes
09: Red, The Bleeding. The Blood Streams...Von / Dave Schalek
10: (R)aging Gracefully: Sunbathing in Filth / Jordan Campbell
11: Doomsday Device #3 / Joshua Haun
12: Directeur / D. Harlan Wilson
13: Unearthed: A Conversation With Brian Smith / Brandon Duncan

14: Credits & Links



Joshua Haun
Brandon Duncan

Contributing Writers

Dean Brown
Jordan Campbell
Ian Chainey
Kyle Harcott
Joshua Haun
Craig Hayes
Dave Schalek

Copy Editor

Dan Obstkrieg


Brandon Duncan
Adam Palm
Jaci Raia
Roger Strunk
Philip Tyson
Spencer Walker

Cover Art by Brian Smith